Nevo Molson- Isreali medical malpractice law firm


Anat Molosn- medical malpractice lawyer

Nevo Molson firm was founded 10 years ago in Tel Aviv, Israel

We handle medical malpractice cases such as injuries during birth, ultrasonic flaw during pregnancy, and failed surgeries and false diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke and more.

The staff includes outstanding lawyers who are college graduates in training in medicine

The company offers premium service to every customer, if the entire portfolio of collaboration between two lawyers together in collaboration and brainstorming.

The important discussions and negotiations will take Anat Molson itself

We do not charge any fees at the beginning of the process, but only at the end, and only when we reached a compensation to the customer

Our goal is to achieve a higher compensation to the customer in less time

To date, we have won compensation of tens of millions of dollars for our clients

You are welcome to ask us any question and receive a free assasment your case

By phone: 03-6025060
Mobile: 0524787850
By mail: [email protected]


Nevo Molson- Isreali medical malpractice law firm